BMX Competitions in the USA

BMX racing is a popular sport in the USA and Worldwide. Different age and skill leagues produce pure talent. USA BMX: The American Bicycle Association is the governing organization behind it all. In this article, we will cover the basics of BMX Racing and the extraordinary events throughout the year in the USA.

What is BMX racing?

If you’ve heard of off-road racing, then you can imagine what BMX racing is. The sprint races are built on single-lap race tracks. Everyone can participate in a competition as long as the rules of the specific event allow it. This bicycle sport is even an Olympic game since 2008. The purposely-built off-road track has a few elements that are always there, no matter if the race is pro or not. These elements are:

  • Starting-hill
  • Step-up
  • Berms
  • Double
  • Step-down
  • Roller
  • Tabletop
  • Pro Set

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Back in 1973, it was called the NBA, and after that, two factions were created – the ABA and the NBL. After that, many other camps were established and wanted to take over as BMX racing’s governing body. Finally, on June 17th, 2011, the rivalry between the two original factions was declared over, and the two camps became one. That day is better known as “V-Day” to the racers, and it marked the start of USA BMX.

The USA BMX association organizes many events throughout the year for BMX racers and enthusiasts alike. If you go on the website, you can see on the “Events” page a calendar of all the upcoming and past events in the USA. You can filter these events by date or by state.

Some of the most important events throughout the year for all BMX racers are:

  • 2020 USA BMX National Series – these national competitions are held in each state and Canada every year. Some of these events are also qualifiers for the BMX World Championship.
  • UCI BMX World Championship – this five-day event will be in Houston, Texas, and it will start on May 26th. The Qualifiers for the event are the Winter Nationals, Spring Nationals, Lone Star Nationals, and the Carolina Nationals.
  • Gold Cup Series presented by DK Bikes – in this event, the riders count their two best scores of all Gold Cup events and the final too.

To participate in any of these events, you will need to purchase an International Race License from USA Cycling, and you have to do it before you complete your registration for the World Championship. It is also possible to bet on BMX events (see the Draftkings review here).

Another important event in the USA BMX calendar, although not competitive, is the Olympic Day. Imagine if USA Cycling, USA BMX, and the US Olympic Committee joined forces and created Olympic Day. Well, you don’t have to imagine anything because they did it. This day celebrates the foundation of today’s modern Olympic Games. Though, it’s not a single day event for the BMX society in the USA. Olympic Day is held in almost every state and throughout June. To find if there is an event in your state, just go on the USA BMX website and find the Olympic Day schedule in the “Events” section.